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Living Legends - Individual Artists:
Yarbrough, Glenn
Yoakam, Dwight
Young, Jesse Colin
Young, Neil

Below you will find other bands and artists that may be on their way to becoming or have worked with a Living Legend. Click on the names below to see a discography of their work.

Other Bands found:
Y and T
Y Kant Tori Read
Yankee Rose
Year Long Disaster
Yellow Brick Road
Yellow Matter Custard
Yngwie Malmsteen`s Rising Force
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
You Am I
You, Me and Him
Young and Moody
Other Individual Artists found:
DJ Youth
Yahel, Sam
Yale, Brian
Yamamoto, Hiro
Yamanaka, Joe
Yamashta, Stomu
Yamauchi, Tetsu
Yanovsky, Zal
Yanowitz, Pedro
Yanowitz, Peter
Yarbrough, Holly
Yarrow, Bethany
Yarrow, Peter
Yashiki, Gota
Yates, Billy
Yates, Phil
Yeager, Gary
Yeo, Collin
Yester, Jerry
Yokozeki, Atsushi
York, Chris
York, John
York, Pete
Yorke, Thom
Youlden, Chris
Young, Adrian
Young, Angus
Young, Bob
Young, Faron
Young, Fred
Young, George
Young, Grant
Young, James
Young, Jeff
Young, John Fred
Young, Larry
Young, Lee
Young, Malcolm
Young, Michael
Young, Paul
Young, Richard
Young, Rusty
Young, Snooky
Yuele, Joe
Yukes, Jim

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