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Below you will find other bands and artists that may be on their way to becoming or have worked with a Living Legend. Click on the names below to see a discography of their work.

Other Bands found:
Joker's Wild
Little Women
Wadada Leo Smith`s Golden Quartet
Waddy Wachtel Band
Wages of Sin
Wakeman With Wakeman
Waldorf Salad
Walk on Fire
Walker Thompson & His Boys
Waltham Forest Pipe Band
War & Peace
War and Peace
War Machine
Warm Dust
Warrior's Path
Warsaw Pakt
Watermelon Slim & The Workers
Wave 21
Wayne Cochran and The C.C. Riders
Wayne Shorter Quartet
WDR Big Band
We Will Rock You
Weapons of Choice
Weather Report
Weather Update
Wednesday`s 13`s Gunfire 76
Wee Willie Harris and the Alabama Slammers
Wellwater Conspiracy
West, Bruce and Laing
Western Flyer
Westside Connection
Wet Paint
Wetton Manzanera
What is This
Whipped Cream
Whisky Priests
White Clover
White Duck
White Elephant Orchestra
White Horse
White Lace
White Lion
White Spirit
White Tiger
White Trash
White Zombie
Wicked Outlaw
Wickedy Wak
Wild Cherry
Wild Dogs
Wild Horses
Wild Strawberries
Wild Turkey
Will Champlin Band
William Proud
Willie & The Poor Boys
Willie Nelson & The Offenders
Wilmore City Moonshiners
Wilson Gale and Company
Wind in the Willows
Winfred E. Eye
Winston G and The Wicked
Winston`s Fumbs
Winter Rose
Winter's Bane
Winter's Bane
Winter's Bane
Winter`s Reign
Winter`s Reign
Witch (Sweden)
Witchery (Sweden)
Wizzard's Convention
Wizzo, the Helicopters
Wood, Wilson & Carthy
Woodstock Mountain Revue
Woody Herman
Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat
Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat
Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat
Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat
Word of Mouth Band
World Classic Rockers
World Man Band
World of Oz
World Party
World Pop
World XX1
Worry Beads
Wynton Marsalis Quartet
Wynton Marsalis Septet
Other Individual Artists found:
Waaktaar, Pal
Wade, Brett
Wade, Jeff
Wade, Steve
Wadenius, George
Wagner, Danny
Wagner, Dick
Wagoner, Porter
Wahlberg, Donnie
Wainwright, Martha
Wainwright, Rufus
Wainwright, Sloan
Wainwright Roche, Lucy
Waits, Frederick
Waits, Nasheet
Wakeman, Adam
Wakeman, Oliver
Walbourne, James
Walden, Freddie
Walden, Narada
Walden, Narada Michael
Waldman, Jack
Walker, Colin
Walker, Dave
Walker, Ebo
Walker, Greg
Walker, Greg T.
Walker, Jim
Walker, Joe
Walker, Junior
Walker, Mark
Walker, Matt
Walker (PiL), Jim
Wall, Jeremy
Wallace, Bill
Wallace, Ian
Waller, Butch
Waller, Charlie
Wallinger, Karl
Wallis, Gary
Wallis, Larry
Walls, Greg
Walsh, Clint
Walsh, Lucy
Walsh, Peter ``Pops``
Walsh, Ricko
Walsh, Steve
Walsh, Tom
Walsh (Spyro Gyra), Tom
Walters, Tony
Walther, Hank
Ward, Bill
Ward, Christopher
Ward, Jeff
Ward, Michael
Ward, Nick
Ward, Peter
Ward, Shaun
Ware, Bill
Ware, Martyn
Warner, Les
Warner, Skoota
Warnes, Chris
Waronker, Joey
Warren, Andrew
Warren, Mervyn
Warren, Paul
Warren, Peter
Warren, Scott
Warwick, Clint
Washington, Chet
Washington, Grover
Washington, Kenny
Washington, Reggie
Wasson, Ricky
Watanabe, Sadao
Waters, Benny
Waters, Muddy
Waters, Roger
Waterson, Norma
Watkins, Geraint
Watkins, Tionne ``T-Boz``
Watson, Bernie
Watson, Bruce
Watson, Doc
Watson, Helen
Watson, Jamie
Watson, Jeff
Watson, Johnny
Watson, Junior
Watson, Merle
Watson, Russell
Watson (Rufus), Bobby
Watt, Mike
Watts, Charlie
Watts, Howard
Watts, Jeff ``Tain``
Watts, Mel
Watts, Pete
Way, Pete
Wayne, Carl
Wayne, David
Wayne, Jennifer
Wead, Mike
Weaver, Blue
Weaver, George
Webb, Bob
Webb, Christiaan
Webb, Cornelius
Webb, James
Webb, Justin
Webb, Michael
Webb, Nick
Webb, Russell
Webb, Stan
Webber, Andrew
Weber, Bob
Weber, Eberhard
Weber, Florian
Weber, Fred
Weber, Ronnie James
Weberyd, Christian
Webster, Chris
Webster, John
Wechsler, Keith
Weckl, Dave
Wedderburn, Junior ``Gabu``
Wedemeyer, Steve
Weeks, Terry
Weeks, Willie
Weider, Jim
Weidman, James
Weiland, Scott
Weinberg, Max
Weinstock, Murray
Weir, Bob
Weir, Graham
Weir, Neil
Weiskopf, Walt
Weiss, Dave
Weiss, Fred
Welch, Bob
Welch, Brian
Welch, Monster Mike
Wellman, Ricky
Wells, Ben
Wells, Craig
Wells, Geoff
Wells, Junior
Welnick, Vince
Welton, John
Werner, Kenny
Wertico, Paul
West, Andy
West, Camille
West, Doc
West, Dottie
West, John
West, Ricky
West, Riff
West, Sandy
West-Oram, Jamie
Westerberg, Paul
Westholm, Carl
Weston, Ray
Wetton, John
Wexler, Dan
Whalley, Steve
Whalum, Kyle
Wheat, Brian
Wheeler, Daniel
Wheeler, Kelly
Wheeler, Kenny
Wherry, Ian
Whetstone, Richard
Whibley, Deryck
Whitaker, Rodney
Whitby, John Michael
White, Alan
White, Andy
White, Carl
White, Chris
White, Clarence
White, Danny
White, David
White, Fred
White, Jeff
White, Jeordie
White, Lenny
White, Mark
White, Maurice
White, Michael
White, Ronald
White, Steve
White, Tam
White, Verdine
White (EWF), Fred
White (Jazz), Chris
White (The Style Council), Steve
White Sr., Josh
White-King, Brenda
Whitecage, Mark
Whitehead, Don
Whitehead, Neville
Whitehorn, Geoff
Whitemeier, Chris
Whitfield, Bobby
Whitford, Brad
Whitley, Keith
Whitlock, Bobby
Whitsell, George
Whittaker, Trevor
Whitten, Chris
Whitten, Danny
Whitten (The Waterboys), Chris
Whittington, Buddy
Whitworth, B. David
Wicker, Donald
Wickham, Steve
Wiggins, Phil
Wikins, Billy
Wikso, Ron
Wilbanks, Scotty
Wilcox, Jimmy
Wilcox, Jon
Wilczewski, Dave
Wilder, Alan
Wilhoit, Pete
Wilk, Brad
Wilk, Michael
Wilkeson, Leon
Wilkie, Franklin
Wilkinson, Kevin
Wilkinson, Nick
Wilkinson, Wally
Wilkso, Ron
Willcox, Toyah
Williams, Big Joe
Williams, Boris
Williams, Buster
Williams, Cliff
Williams, Dana
Williams, Deniece
Williams, Ernie
Williams, Holly
Williams, J.W.
Williams, James
Williams, Jimmy
Williams, Joel
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Ken
Williams, Kenneth ``Afro``
Williams, Lamar
Williams, Larry
Williams, Linda
Williams, Mike
Williams, Milan
Williams, Otis
Williams, Paul
Williams, Phillard
Williams, Richard
Williams, Rick
Williams, Robbie
Williams, Robin
Williams, Terry
Williams, Todd
Williams, Tony
Williams, Victoria
Williams, Wendy
Williams III, Hank
Williamson, Bruce
Williamson, Cris
Williamson, James
Williamson, Mark
Williamson, Sonny Boy
Williamson II, Sonny Boy
Willis, Brian David
Willis, Carolyn
Willis, Pete
Willis, Rick
Willoughby, Brian
Wills, Rick
Willson-Piper, Marty
Wilson, Ann
Wilson, Barry
Wilson, Ben
Wilson, Carl
Wilson, Carnie
Wilson, Cindy
Wilson, Damon
Wilson, Dennis
Wilson, Gerald
Wilson, Hank
Wilson, J.
Wilson, Jeff
Wilson, Kim
Wilson, Lily
Wilson, Matt
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Phillip
Wilson, Ray
Wilson, Ricky
Wilson, Ross
Wilson, Steve
Wilson, Terence (Astro)
Wilson, Wendy
Wilson, Zachary
Wilton, Michael
Wimpfheimer, Jimmy
Winans, BeBe
Winans, CeCe
Winchester, Jesse
Winchester, Sean
Windbiel, Bob
Winding, Jai
Wine, Toni
Winger, Kip
Winston, Alan
Winston, Winnie
Winter, Johnny
Winter, Kurt
Winters, Andrew
Winthrop, Dave
Winwood, Muff
Wise, Chubby
Wisefield, Laurie
Wiseman, Mac
Wishart, Alan
Wishart, Pete
Wison, Tony
Wisor, Jeff
Witcher, Mike
Witham, David
Withers, Pick
Witherspoon, Jimmy
Withrow, Kenny
Wixson, Chris
Wofford, Dave
Wolf, Billy
Wolf, John
Wolf Jr., Warren
Wolfe, Ben
Wolfe, Kinley
Wolfe, Mark
Wolinski, David ``Hawk``
Womack, Bobby
Wood, Chris
Wood, Danny
Wood, Roy
Wood (Jazz), Chris
Woodring, Kyle
Woods, Adam
Woods, Gay
Woods, Michael
Woods, Phil
Woods, Terry
Woodson, Ali-Ollie
Woodward, Keren
Woody, Allen
Woolam, Steve
Woolfolk, Andrew
Woolfson, Eric
Woolley, James
Wooten, Joseph
Wooten, Victor
Wooton, Charlie
Worrell, Bernie
Worsnop, Rick
Wretzky, D`Arcy
Wright, Adrian
Wright, Andy
Wright, Brad
Wright, Chuck
Wright, Curtis
Wright, Dan
Wright, Justin
Wright, Larry
Wright, Norman
Wright, Richard
Wright, Rick
Wright, Simon
Wunsch, Frank
Wylde, Zakk
Wyman, Bill
Wynn, Willie
Wyse, Chris

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