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Below you will find other bands and artists that may be on their way to becoming or have worked with a Living Legend. Click on the names below to see a discography of their work.

Other Bands found:
R & R
R and D
Racer X
Radio Ranch
Radney Foster and The Confessions
Ragabop Trio
Rainbow Canyon
Rainy Day
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys
Rambling Country
Ramsey Lewis Trio
Randy Brecker Quintet
Randy Pie and Family
Rat Bastards
Rat Salade
Rational Youth
Raven and Mistress
Raving Texans
Ray Manzarek`s Nite City
Ray Price and The Cherokee Cowboys
Raybon Brothers
Razor White
Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band
Reckless Sleepers
Red Bludd`s Bluesicians
Red Brass
Red Dawn
Red Dogs
Red E. Lewis and the Red Caps
Red Halo
Red Horse
Red Hot
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Red Radio Flyer
Red Square
Red Tide
Redbeards from Texas
Redd Sullivan`s Thameside Four
Reet Petite and Gone
Remus Down Boulevard
Renegade Way
Rent Party
Requiem (Sweden)
Return to Forever
Revelation Funk
Reverend Jones and the Cool Aid Choir
Revolting Cocks
Rexx and Johnsson
Rhine Bucket
Rhode Island Red
Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
Rhythm & Soul Revue
Rhythm Buddies
Rhythm Devils
Ric Sanders Group
Rice, Rice, Hillman and Pedersen
Richard & Linda Thompson
Richie Furay Band
Rick & The Ravens
Rick and the Raiders
Rick L. Rick
Ricky and Dane and The Emperors of Rhythm
Ricky and Dane Young
Ricky Shaw and The Dolphins
Ricola Brothers
Ricotti And Albuquerque
Riders of the Storm (Doors of the 21st Century)
Riff Raff
Right Said Fred
Rikki Rockett
Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
Rip Rig & Panic
Rising Force
Rising Power
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Ritchie Blackmore`s Orchestra
Rite of Strings
River's Invitation
Rivers Jobe
RMD 3s
Road Turkey
Robben Ford & The Blue Line
Robben Ford & The Ford Blues Band
Robbie & The Robots
Robbie and Gwen Dickie
Robbie Lane & The Disciples
Robbie Robertson & The Rhythm Chords
Robert Charels Band
Robert Ealey and the Five Careless Lovers
Robert Fripp & The League of Gentlemen
Robert Gordon`s Wildcats
Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation
Robert Shaw Chorale
Roberts-Meisner Band
Robin Trower Band
Rock Candi
Rock Follies
Rock House
Rock Justice
Rock Star Supernova
Rocket 88
Rockets to Ruin
Rockin' Conspiracy
Rockin' Conspiracy
Rockin' Conspiracy
Rockin' Ronnie and the Renegades
Rockin` Phantoms
Rod Piazza & Chicago Flying Saucer Band
Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers
Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers Blues Quartet
Rod Piazza/George "Harmonica" Smith "Bacon Fat" Band
Roger Ceresi`s
Roger Chapman and the Shortlist
Roger Earl's Foghat
Roger Glover and The Guilty Party
Ron & Bill
Ron Carter Quartet
Ron Carter Sextet
Ron Carter Trio
Ron Levy`s Wild Kingdom
Ronnie & Rob McCoury
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks
Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance
Ronnie Montrose Band
Ronnie Penque Band
Rory MacLeod & The Blues Hounds
Rory Storm & The Hurricanes
Roscoe`s Gang
Rose Tattoo
Ross and the Majestics
Rossington-Collins Band
Rough Cutt
Rough Diamond
Rough Stuff
Round the Bend Blues Band
Roxx Regime
Roxy Music
Roy Hargove Quartet
Roy Hargrove Big Band
Roy Hargrove`s Crisol
Roy Haynes Trio
Roy Wood's Army
Royal High Boys
Royal Jelly
Royal Shakespeare Company
Royal Southern Brotherhood
RPM (Rock & Pop Masters)
Ruby & The Romantics
Rudess/Morgenstein Project||Rudess/Morgenstein
Rudy Johnson Trio
Rumble Circus
Run C & W
Running Wild
Rural Still Life
Rusty Truck
The Café Racers
Winter`s Reign
Other Individual Artists found:
Rabb, Luther
Rabb, Wilton
Rabin, Ryan
Radcliff, Bobbie
Radford, Ronald
Radino, Jules
Rae, Andy
Raeburn, Boyd
Rafferty, Jim
Ragsdale, David
Rahman, AR
Rainbow, Chris
Rainey, Chuck
Rainwater, Keech
Rall, Lorne
Ramazzotti, Eros
Ramirez, Andy
Ramirez, Twiggy
Ramirez Quezada, Gabriel
Ramnath, Kala
Ramone, Phil
Ramos, David
Ramos, Michael
Rance, Terry
Rand, Warren
Randall, Bobby
Randall, Elliott
Randall, Frankie
Randow, Fritz
Rankin, Billy
Rarebell, Herman
Raskin, Jonathan
Rasmussen, Thaen
Rathbone, Don
Ratkowski Jr., John
Rauch, Doug
Rausch, Lee
Rausch, Leon
Rava, Enrico
Ravitz, Ziv
Rawls, Lou
Ray, Amy
Raymond, James
Raymond, Paul
Rayner, Eddie
Rea, David
Reale, Mark
Rebillot, Pat
Redd, Toby
Redding, Otis
Reddy, Helen
Reding, Greg
Redman, Dewey
Redman, Joshua
Reed, Alto
Reed, Barry
Reed, Dizzy
Reed, Jimmy
Reed, Lou
Rees, John
Reeves, Tim
Reeves, Tony
Reichenbach Jr., Bill
Reid, Karl
Reid, Lou
Reid, Rufus
Reid, Steve
Reid, Vernon
Reilly, Mark
Reilly, Michael
Reimer, Dave
Reinhart, Derik
Reinhart, Keith
Reischl, Steve
Reisman, Rod
Reither, Glenn
Rekow, Raul
Reno, Johnny
Reno, Mike
Reno, Tony
Renstrom, Rick
Renwick, Tim
Repilado Labrada, Salvador
Resnick, Randy
Restivo, Carl
Revis, Eric
Reyes, Rico
Reyes, Walfredo
Reyne, James
Reyne, James
Reynolds, Jay
Reynolds, Nick
Reynolds, Ricky Lee
Reynolds, Robert
Reynolds, Sheldon
Reznor, Trent
Rhoads, Randy
Rhodes, Nick
Rhyne, Chris
Rice, Larry
Rice, Tony
Rice, Wyatt
Rich, Allan
Rich, Buddy
Rich, Charlie
Rich, John
Richard, Thaddeus
Richards, Andy
Richards, Bob
Richards, Dave
Richards, Keith
Richards, Martin
Richards, Rick
Richards, Rod
Richards, Tony
Richardson, Amy
Richardson, Jeremi
Richardson, Jerome
Richardson, Soko
Richardson, Sylvan
Richardson, Wendell
Richling, Greg
Richman, Rudy
Richmond, Mike
Richrath, Gary
Rickman, Brandon
Rickman, Sean
Ricks, Ryan
Ricotti, Frank
Riddle, Jessica
Riddle, Paul
Riddle, Ron
Ridgeley, Andrew
Ridgely, Andrew
Ridley, Greg
Rieckermann, Ralph
Rieflin, Bill
Ries, Barry
Rietveld, Benny
Rifkin, Joshua
Rigney, Randy Russell
Rigsby, Don
Riley, Ben
Riley, Billy Lee
Riley, Herlin
Riley, Howard
Riley, Randy
Riley, Steve
Rimes, LeAnn
Ritchie, Lionel
Ritchotte, Rocket
Ritenour, Wesley
Ritter, Preston
Rivera, James
Rivera, Mark
Rivera, Pete
Rivers Malak, Eddie
Rizzo, Pat
Roach, Curtis
Roach, Max
Roachford, Andrew
Robb, Terry
Robb, Tom
Robbins, Marty
Roberson, Les
Robert, Greg
Roberts, Andy
Roberts, Charlie
Roberts, Chris
Roberts, Darrell
Roberts, Dean
Roberts, Howard
Roberts, Jason
Roberts, Jim
Roberts, Joe
Roberts, Kane
Roberts, Marcus
Robertson, B.A.
Robertson, Brian
Robertson, Chris
Robertson, Ed
Robertson, Herb
Robertson, Rowan
Robins, Butch
Robinson, Andrew
Robinson, Chris
Robinson, Claudette
Robinson, Cynthia
Robinson, David
Robinson, Justin
Robinson, Kevin
Robinson, Perry
Robinson, Rich
Robinson, Scott
Robinson, Tony
Robison, Charlie
Roche, Maggie
Roche, Suzzy
Roche, Terre
Rock, Bob
Rock, Bobby
Rockenfield, Scott
Rocker, Lee
Rockett, Rikki
Rod, Johnny
Rodby, Steve
Roderick, Judy
Rodford, Jim
Rodford, Steve
Rodgers, Barry
Rodney, Red
Rodrigues, Gus
Rodriguez, Michael
Rodriguez, Ruben
Rodriguez-Seeger, Tao
Roe, Marty
Roe, Mike
Rogers, Angel
Rogers, Bobby
Rogers, Claudette
Rogers, Emerson
Rogers, Jimmy
Rogers, Jon
Rogers, Reuben
Roker, Mickey
Rolie, Gregg
Rolleston, James
Romanovsky, Ron
Rondinelli, Bobby
Ronga, Bob
Ronson, Mick
Rooney, Jim
Roper, Tim
Rosas, Cesar
Rose, Axl
Rose, Saul
Roseman, Josh
Rosenberg, David
Rosenberg, Richie
Rosenberg, Roger
Rosenblatt, Joel
Rosenthal, Jurgen
Rosnes, Renee
Ross, Diana
Ross, Marv
Ross, Rana
Ross, Rindy
Rossel, Martin
Rossi, John
Rossi, Vasco
Rossington, Gary
Rossman, Ron
Rossy, Jordi
Rossy, Jose
Rossy, Mario
Roth, Arten
Roth, David Lee
Roth, David Lee
Roth, Ed
Roth, Gabrielle
Roth, John
Roth, Uli Jon
Rothenberg, Rich
Rourke, Andy
Rowan, Chris
Rowan, Lorin
Rowland, Bruce
Roxie, Ryan
Roye, Winston
Rozemeyer, David
Rubin, Erik
Rubin, Rick
Rudd, Phil
Rudd, Roswell
Rude, Dave
Rudess, Jordan
Rueter, Tom
Ruffin, David
Ruffin, Jimmy
Ruffins, Kermit
Ruffner, Mason
Ruffy, Dave
Ruiter, Bert
Ruiz, Francis
Ruiz, George
Runswick, Daryl
Rush, Billy
Rush, Bobby
Rush, Jennifer
Rush, Joe
Rush, Little Willie
Rush, Otis
Rushakoff, Harry
Rushen, Patrice
Russell, Brenda
Russell, Catherine
Russell, Dale
Russell, Graham
Russell, Jack
Russell, Timmy
Russell, Tom
Russell-Ides, Rod
Russo, Charles
Russo, Marc
Rust, Steve
Rutherford, Mike
Rutley, Tom
Rutsey, John
Rutues, Mose
Ruzz, Kim
Ryan, Dolly
Ryan, Gary
Ryan, Mark
Ryan, Patrick
Ryder, Anna
Rynack, Doug
Ryne, Chris
Rzab, Greg
Rzeznik, John

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