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Below you will find other bands and artists that may be on their way to becoming or have worked with a Living Legend. Click on the names below to see a discography of their work.

Other Bands found:
P and D
Pablo Cruise
Pagan`s Chorus
Paice, Ashton and Lord
Paley Brothers
Pandora's Box
Papa Wheelie
Paradox (fusion trio)
Parliament and Funkadelic
Parrish and Gurvitz
Party Ninjas
Passion Play
Pat Metheny Trio
Pat Patterson & His Champion Rep Riders
Pat Travers Band
Patrice Pike Band
Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles
Paul & Linda
Paul and Linda McCartney
Paul Butterfield`s Better Days
Paul Di`Anno and the Best
Paul Dunmall Moksha Big Band
Paul McCartney & Wings
Paul McCartney and Friends
Paul Motian Band
Paul Motian Quintet
Paul Motian Trio
Paul Stanley Band
Paula Nelson Band
Pave's Mistake
Pave's Mistake
Pave's Mistake
Pavlov`s Dog
Peaceful Knievel
Peanut Butter Conspiracy
Perfect Crime
Perry Farrell`s Satellite Party
Persian Risk
Pete Best`s Beatles Tribute Band
Pete Haycock Band
Pete Haycock's Climax
Pete Haycock's Climax
Pete Haycock's Climax
Pete Haycock's Climax
Peter Apfelbaum and the Hieroglyphics Ensemble
Peter B's
Peter B's
Peter B's
Peter B's
Peter B's
Peter B`s Looners
Peter Frampton`s Humble Pie
Peter Green Splinter Group
Peter Green`s Fleetwood Mac
Peter Knight & Danny Thompson
Peter Nelson & The Travellers
Peter Rowan & Don Edwards
Peter Rowan & The Free Mexican Air Force
Peter Rowan & The Nashville Bluegrass Band
Peter Rowan & The Rowan Brothers
Peter Rowan & The Wild Stallions
Peter Rowan & Tony Rice
Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Quartet
Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band
Peter Welker All-Star Band
Peter York's Super Drumming
Peter, Bethany and Rufus
Phantom Blue
Phantom Lord
Phenomena II
Phil Hilborne Band
Phil Lesh and Friends
Phil May and the Fallen Angels
Phil Petroff and The Natural Fact
Philip Catherine Trio
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Jazzmen
Piano Magic
Pieces of Peace
Pink Fairies
Pink Floyd
Pink Slip
Pinkerton`s Assorted Colours
Pipe Dream
Pitbull Daycare
Planet Us
Planet X
Plastic Glass
Plastic Penny
Playne Jayne
Plays With Marionettes
Pleasure Seekers
Pocket of Three
Poi Dog Pondering
Pointer Sisters
Poison Dollys
Polar Bear
Ponce de Leon & The Young Ones
Pooh and The Ostrich Feather
Poor Devils
Poor Heart
Popcorn Blizzard
Population 1
Population 361
Porcaro Brothers
Porcupine Tree
Pork Tornado
Porkbelly Futures
Porno for Pyros
Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
Powerhouse Blues Band
Praying Mantis
Preacher Boy
Precious Little
Prescription Renewal
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Presto Ballet
Pretty & Twisted
Pretty in Pink
Pride & Glory
Pride and Glory
Pride of Lions
Primal Scream
Prince & The New Power Generation
Prince & The Revolution
Principal Edwards` Magic Theatre
Private Parts
Procol Harum
Professor Louis and the Crowmatix
Project Driver
ProjeKct Four
ProjeKct One
ProjeKct Three
ProjeKct Two
Promise Land
Promise of The Real
Psi Com
Psychedelic Blues Band
Psychedelic Psoul
Psycho Motel
Psycho Squad
Public Enemy
Push Stars
Pussy Galore
The Power Station
Other Individual Artists found:
Abbott, Vinnie Paul
Pacheco, Tom
Packer, Larry
Packwood, Bob
Padovani, Henry
Page, Jimmy
Page, Richard
Page, Ron
Page, Steven
Pahinui, Cyril
Paice, Ian
Paich, David
Paich, Marty
Paige, Elaine
Pain, Jeff
Palladino, Pino
Palligrosi, Tony
Palmer, Barry
Palmer, Brad
Palmer, Bruce
Palmer, Carl
Palmer, David
Palmer, Geoff
Palmer, Michael
Palmer, Phil
Palmer, Richard
Palmer, Robert
Palmer, Steven
Palmer-James, Richard
Palmieri, Eddi
Palotai, Oliver
Pankow, James
Panozzo, Chuck
Panozzo, John
Pantoja, Victor
Papalia, Giovanni
Pappalardi, Felix
Paquet, Pierre
Parazaider, Walter
Pardigal, Oliver
Pardini, Lou
Paredes, Dino
Parente, Louis
Paris, Jeff
Paris, Mica
Parker, Alan
Parker, Andy
Parker, Chris
Parker, Clive
Parker, Danny
Parker, Evan
Parker, Ian
Parker, Jeff
Parkinson, Chris
Parks, Danny
Parks, Dean
Parks, Dean
Parks, Van Dyke
Parloff, Michael
Parr, John
Parren, Chris
Parrish, Mark
Parron, J.
Parry, Dick
Parry, Laurence
Parsons, Gene
Parsons, Gram
Parsons, John
Pasillas, Jose
Pasqua, Alan
Passons, Michael
Pastor, Tony
Pastorius, Jaco
Patillo, Leon
Patino, Hal
Paton, David
Patrick, Kevin
Patrick, Richard
Patridge, Jo
Patrum, Mike
Patscha, Glenn
Patten, Edward
Patterson, Pat
Patterson, Rahsaan
Patto, Mike
Pattridge, John
Paul, Barry
Paul, Jeremy
Paul, Les
Paulson, Mary
Paxson, Jimmy
Payne, Jimmy
Payne, John
Payne, Kendall
Payton, Nicholas
Peacock, David
Peacock, Gary
Pearcy, Stephen
Pearson, Duke
Pearson, Jack
Peart, Neil
Pecchio, Dan
Peck, Nathan
Pecka, Greg
Pedersen, Share
Pederson, Herb
Peduzzi, Larry
Peeler, Ben
Peerce, Lonnie
Pegg, Dave
Pegg, Matthew
Pegrum, Nigel
Peligro, D.H.
Pell, Axel Rudi
Pell, Axel Rudy
Pellatt, Carole
Pellicci, Derek
Pellow, Marti
Peloguin, Jerry
Pender, Mark
Pendergrass, George
Pendergrass, Teddy
Pengilly, Kirk
Penizotto, Enzo
Penman, Matt
Penque, Ronnie
Penrod, Guy
Pense, Lydia
Pentifallo, Kenny
Peoples, Theo
Pepper, Jim
Peraza, Armando
Perazzo, Karl
Perdikis, George
Perez, Danilo
Perez, Eddie
Pérez, Louie
Perez, Pete
Perkins, Al
Perkins, Bill
Perkins, Carl
Perkins, Joe
Perkins, Pinetop
Perkins, Stephen
Perkins, Walt
Perkovic, Jejo
Perry, Adrian
Perry, Chad
Perry, Dale
Perry, David
Perry, Doane
Perry, Guy
Perry, Phil
Perry, Steve
Perry, Tony
Persh, John
Person, Eric
Person, Houston
Pert, Morris
Pesce, Joey
Peterman, Jim
Peters, Dale
Peters, Mike
Petersen, Edward
Peterson, Debbi
Peterson, Eric
Peterson, Garry
Peterson, Jay
Peterson, Marlene
Peterson, Michael
Peterson, Nathaniel
Peterson, Oscar
Peterson, Vicki
Petersson, Tom
Petrucci, John
Petrucci, Maxine
Petrucci, Roxy
Pettey, Mark
Pettis, Grace
Pettit, Nance
Pevar, Jeff
Peverett, Dave
Peyronel, Danny
Pfaff, Mark
Phantom, Slim Jim
Phelps, David
Phelps, Doug
Phelps, Ricky Lee
Pheto, Pule
Philbin, Gregg
Phillinganes, Greg
Phillips, Anthony
Phillips, Arthur
Phillips, Barre
Phillips, Chynna
Phillips, David
Phillips, Duncan
Phillips, Esther
Phillips, Glen
Phillips, Mark
Phillips, Ricky
Phillips, Simon
Phillips, Steve
Phillips, Todd
Phillips, Utah
Phipps, Sam
Phoebe, Anna
Photoglo, Jim
Piazza, Sammy
Piccolo, Greg
Piccolo, Jenna
Pickett, Lenny
Pickett, Wilson
Pierce, John
Pierce, Jonathan
Pierce, Tim
Pierleoni, Joe
Pieroni, Stefano
Pierson, Jon
Pierson, Kate
Pietropaoli, Vincent
Piggot, Steve
Pihl, Gary
Pilo, Craig
Pilson, Jeff
Pinder, Michael
Pineda, Arnel
Pinera, Mike
Pini, Mike
Pinkas, Lenny
Pinnick, Chris
Piper, Randy
Pipien, Sven
Pirner, Dave
Pirroni, Marco
Pisapia, Jean-Marc
Pitrelli, Al
Pittman, Greg
Platania, John
Plate, Jeff
Plaxico, Lonnie
Ploog, Richard
Plosky, Jordon
Plumer, Gunnar
Poirier, Erick
Poland, Chris
Polinski, Simon
Polland, Pamela
Pomeroy, Herb
Poncioni, Toto
Ponsette-Dart, Jon
Pont, Mark
Pontier, Derrick
Ponty, Jean
Poole, Chris
Pope, Jon
Popper, John
Porcaro, Jeff
Porcaro, Joe
Porcaro, Mike
Porcaro, Steve
Porter, Tiran
Portius, Brice
Portnoy, Mike
Portuondo, Omara
Potter, Chris
Potterbaum, Jamie
Pounds, Scott
Powell, Andrew
Powell, Andy
Powell, Billy
Powell, Cozy
Powell, Don
Powell, George
Powell, Mac
Powell, Roger
Powell, Shannon
Powers, Eric
Powers, Millard
Powles, Tim
Prather, Bob
Pratt, Guy
Premada, Deva
Presley, Elvis
Presswood, Eric
Preston, Billy
Preston, James
Preston, Leroy
Preston, Nigel
Prestwich, Steve
Price, Louis
Price, Maryanne
Price, Rick
Price, Rod
Price, Rod
Price, Steve
Price, Thommy
Pride, Lou
Priest, Maxi
Priester, Julian
Prieto, Dafnis
Prince, Prairie
Printup, Marcus
Prior, Maddy
Pritchard, Mark
Proby, P.J.
Proctor, Mark
Prout, Brian
Pryor, Corey
Pryor, Snooky
Przygocki, Eric Mathew
Puckett, Gary
Puente, Tito
Puerta, Joe
Pugh, Jim
Pulphus, David
Pumphrey, Jack
Purcell, John
Purdell, John
Purdie, Bernard
Purim, Flora
Pyle, Andy
Teixeira Pereira, Heitor
Topping, Kevin

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