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Below you will find other bands and artists that may be on their way to becoming or have worked with a Living Legend. Click on the names below to see a discography of their work.

Other Bands found:
L.A. Blues Authority
L.A. Express
L.A. Guns
La Coka Nostra
LA Guns
Laaz Rockit
Labamba and The Hubcaps
Labamba`s Big Band
Lace Wing
Ladies Who Lunch
Lady Antebellum
Lamb of God
Lancaster's Bombers
Lancaster's Bombers
Lancaster's Bombers
Largest Living Things
Larry Coryell Quartet
Larry Wallis and The Death Commandos of Love
Last Autumn`s Dream
Last Chapter
Last Exit
Last Lix
Late Night With Conan O`Brien
Laughen Bones
Law and Order
Lazy Boy
Lazy Racer
Le Roux
Leash Law
Leather Charm
Led Enema
Led Zeppelin
Lee Konitz & The Brazilian Band
Lee Konitz New Nonet
Lee Konitz New Quartet
Lee Konitz Nonet
Lee Konitz Quartet
Lee Konitz Quintet
Lee Konitz Trio
Lee Konitz-Ohad Talmor Big Band
Leeds Orchestra
Left Banke
Left For Dead
Legendary Blues Band
Lemmy and The Upsetters
Leningrad Cowboys
Les Baxter's Balladeers
Les Baxter's Balladeers
Les Baxter's Balladeers
Les Baxter's Balladeers
Les Fleur de Lys
Les Paul & His Trio
Les Questions
Les Skiflettes
Lesley Drayton & Fun
Leslie Drayton Orchestra
Leslie West Band
Lester Flatt`s Nashville Grass
Level 42
Levi Set Blues Group
Levon and The Hawks
Levon Helm and The Barn Burners
Levon Helm and The Woodstock All Stars
Levon Helm Band
Levon Helm Sextet
Liberation Music Orchestra
Life By Night
Lightning Seeds
Lime Spiders
Lin Biviano Big Band
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
Line One
Linkin Park
Lipstick Magazine
Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquorice John Death and the All-Stars
Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
Little Anthony and the Imperials
Little Black Book
Little Caesar & The Consuls
Little Devils
Little Gadget and the Soulful Twilight
Little Joe and The Kokomos
Little John`s Skiffle Group
Little Melvin and The Invaders
Little Ravens
Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul
Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul
Little Tony and the Sundowners
Little Village
Little Women
Little Women
Little Women
Little-Known Uglies
Liv and Let Liv
Live & Learn Band
Liverpool Express
Living Loud
Liz and Lisa
Lizzy Borden
Li`l Ronnie & The Grand Dukes
Llew Matthews Trio
Loaded Dice
Locomotive Breath
Loggins & Messina
London All Stars Steel Orchestra
London Paladium Orchestra
London Philharmonic Orchestra
London Session Orchestra
London String Ensemble
London Youth Chamber Orchestra
London Youth Symphony Orchestra
Lone Justice
Lonesome Dave's Foghat
Lonesome Jax Blues Band
Lonesome Standard Time
Long Island Street Survivors
Long John Baldry's Band
Look People
Loose Fur
Lord Lucifer
Lord Such and Heavy Friends
Lord Tracy
Los Hombres Calientes
Los Lobotomys
Los Pacaminos
Los Super Seven
Los Traviesos
Lost Dogs
Loud Fast Rules
Love Hate
Love Spit Love
Low Millions
Low Pop Suicide
Lucifer`s Friend
Lucky Pierre
Luscious Jackson
Lydia Lunch
Lyle Lovett and His Large Band
Lynyrd Skynhead
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance
The Lou Gramm Band
Other Individual Artists found:
Little Milton
Little Walter
L'Amour, Matt
La Torre, Todd
LaBelle, Patti
Labeque, Katia
Laboriel Sr., Abraham
LaBrie, James
Lachman, Gary
Lachman, Gary
Lacy, Doug
Lacy, Frank
Lagardo, Greg
Lage, Julian
Laguna, Kenny
Lahav, Suki
Laine, Denny
Laird, Rick
Lake, Brian
Lake, Greg
Lake Jr., Oliver Gene
Lakeman, Seth
LaKind, Bobby
Lalama, Ralph
Lamb, Brent
Lamb, Chuck
Lambert, Dave
Lamble, Martin
Lamm, Robert
Lamond, Mary Jane
Lampell, Millard
Lancaster, Anthony
Lancaster, Keith
Lance, Kevin
Landau, Michael
Landers, Tim
Landry, Calvin
Lane, Jani
Lane, Ronnie
Lane, Shawn
Lang, Jeff
Lang, Jim
Lang, Terry
Lange, Robert
Langevin, Michel
Lanham, Jim
Lanier, Allen
Lanquist, Johan
Lant, Antony (Antton)
Lant, Conrad
Lanzon, Phil
LaPread, Ronald
Lardie, Michael
Larish, Holger
Larkey, Charles
LaRocque, Andy
Larrieux, Amel
Larson, Jonathan
Larson, Nicolette
LaSalle, Denise
Lashley, Nick
Laswell, Bill
Lataille, Rich
Lathe, Abbie
Latin, Arthur
Lattisaw, Stacy
Lau Farrell, Etty
Laug, Matt
Lauper, Chris
Lauri, Steve
Lauria, Nando
Lavitz, T.
Lavoe, Hector
Lawhon, Jon
Lawler, Fergal
Lawler, Lee
Lawler, Mike
Lawless, Blackie
Lawrence, George
Lawrence, Mike
Laws, Ronnie
Lawson, Dan
Lawson, Ricky
Lawter, Tim
Lawton, John
Lay, Myllenda
Lay, Sam
Laymon, Bill
Le Flemming, Orlando
Lea, Jim
Leach, Buddy
Leacox, Willie
Leadbetter, Phil
Leadon, Bernie
Leadon, Tom
Leahy, Kevin
Leahy, Ronnie
Lear, Graham
Leatherbarrow, Bob
Leavell, Chuck
Lebeaux, Hal
Lebolt, Dave
LeBon, Simon
Ledford, Mark
Lee, Adrian
Lee, Brenda
Lee, Dee C.
Lee, Dennis
Lee, Dixie
Lee, Geddy
Lee, John
Lee, Mark
Lee, Michael
Lee, Ric
Lee, Russ
Lee, Tommy
Lee, Will
Leese, Howard
Legg, Adrian
LeGrand, Michelle
Leigh, Andy
Leitch, Donovan
Leming, Kip
Lemp, Chris
Lending, Kenn
Lenners, Rudy
Lennon, John
Lennon, Sean
Lenoble, Martyn
Leon, Greg
Leon, Rob
Leonard, Glenn
Leone, Tony
Leonhardt, David
Leonhart, Carolyn
Leonhart, Michael
LeRoy, Greg
Lesh, Phil
Leskiw, Greg
Leslie, Chris
Leste, Joe
Lester, Lazy
Lett, Bruce
Levén, John
Levene, Keith
Leverton, Jim
Levin, Danny
Levin, Jeff
Levin, Jon
Levin, Pete
Levin, Tony
Levy, Howard
Levy, Noah
Lewin, Giles
Lewinson, Pete
Lewinson, Steve
Lewis, Ann
Lewis, Bob
Lewis, Eric
Lewis, Huey
Lewis, James
Lewis, Josh
Lewis, Kenny Lee
Lewis, Linda
Lewis, Lorraine
Lewis, Mel
Lewis, Peter
Leyva, Pio
Licea, Manuel ``Puntillita``
Liebman, Dave
Lifeson, Alex
Ligertwood, Alex
Lilker, Danny
Lilley, John
Lincoln, Abbey
Linden, Colin
Lindes, Hal
Lindh, Jan
Lindley, David
Lindsay, Tony
Link, Gary
Linn, Roger
Litman, Julian
Litteral, Paul
Little, Carlo
Little, Keith
Little, Wes
Livgren, Jake
Livgren, Kerry
Livingston, Bob
Livingston, Edwin
Llanas, Sam
Lloyd, Bill
Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, Ian
Lochner, Robbie
Lochrie, Jaz
Locke, John
Lockie, Ken
Lockwood, Neil
Lockwood Jr., Robert
Lodge, John
Loeb, Lizzy
Lofgren, Tom
Logan, Chris
Logan, Oni
LoGerfo, Anthony
Loggins, Crosby
Lohner, Danny
Lombardo, Dave
Lomenzo, James
Londin, Larrie
London, David
Long, Greg
Long, Janna
Longbotham, Keith
Longley, Ty
Loper, Charles
Lopes, Lisa ``Left Eye``
Lopez, Manny
Lopez, Orlando ``Cachaito``
Lopez, Vinnie
Lord, Jon
Lordan, Bill
Lorimer, Roddy
Loughnane, Lee
Louis, Danny
Louis, Rebecca
Love, Andrew
Love, James
Love, Mike
Love, Stephen A.
Lovelock, Damien
Lowe, Cameron
Lowe, Chris
Lowe, James
Lowe, Katt
Lowe, Robert
Lowe, Zeke
Lowell, Ephraim
Lowinger, Gene
Lowrey, Lynn Louise
Lowry, Mark
Lowther, Henry
Lozano, Conrad
Lubahn, Doug
Lubahn, Douglas
Lubambo, Rumero
Lucas, Sara Lee
Lucas, Trevor
Luccketta, Troy
Lucia, Peter
Luft, Lorna
Lukather, Trevor
Lunn, Gary
Lupo, Pat
Luster, Ahrue
Luther, Frank
Luttrell, Terry
Luzier, Ray
Lyall, William
Lydon, John
Lynch, Carl
Lynch, David
Lynch, Kenny
Lynch, Stan
Lynn, Cheryl
Lynn, Patsy
Lynn, Peggy
Lynn, Tayla
Lynne, Jeff
Lynott, Phil
Lynton, Jackie
Lyonhart, Charles
Lyons, Kenny
Lyons, Leo

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