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Below you will find other bands and artists that may be on their way to becoming or have worked with a Living Legend. Click on the names below to see a discography of their work.

Other Bands found:
D Beaver
Dad's Porno Mag
Daddy Ray
Dad`s Porno Mag
Dallas & Linda Holm
Dallas Brass & Electric
Dallas County Line
Dallas Holm & Praise
Damage Plan
Dammage Inc.
Damn the Machine
Damn Yankees
Dan Toler Band
Danger Animal
Danger Danger
Danger Zone (Denmark)
Danger, Danger
Danny & The Memories
Danny King and the Dukes
Danny Lee and the Upsetters
Dantalian`s Chariot
Dantalian`s Chariot
Dante Fox
Dark Angel
Dark Illusion
Das Nasty
Dave & The Essex
Dave Bromberg Band
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Dave Holland Big Band
Dave Holland Octet
Dave Holland Quartet
Dave Holland Sextet
Dave Holland Trio
Dave Koz and Friends
Dave Mattacks Trio
Dave Matthews Band
Dave Samuels Quartet
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra
Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys
David Bromberg Band
David Bromberg Quartet
David Cross Band
David Crowder Band
David Denny and the Diesel Harmonics
David Essex and The Jam
David Garfield and Friends
David Hirschfelder and the Bogo Pogo Orchestra
David Johansen Band
David Kilbane`s Mainhorse Airline
David Lee Roth Band
David Martin Band
David Nelson Band
David Sanborn Band
David Wayne`s Metal Church
Dawn Road
Daze 2
Dazz Band
DC 4
DC to Daylight
De Danann
Dead by Sunrise
Dead Daughters
Dead Kennedys
Dead or Alive
Deadly Blessing
Deaf Leopard
Death Cult
Deck Chairs Overboard
Dee Robb and the Robbins
Deep Feeling
DeGarmo and Key
Del McCoury & The Dixie Pals
Delaney & Bonnie
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
Delaney & Bonnie and Friends
Delaney and Bonnie and Friends
Delbert & Glen
DeLeo Brothers
Delta 9
Delta Rebels
Demolition String Band
Demons & Wizards
Dennis Gruenling and Jump Time
Denny and The Triumphs
Denny Laine and the Diplomats
Denny Laine Band
Denver Mule
Depth Charge
Derek and the Dominos
Desert Sessions
Desmond Child and Rouge
Destiny (Sweden)
Destiny's Child
Destiny`s End
Detroit (with Mitch Ryder)
Detroit Cobras
Devil Children
Devon Allman`s Honeytribe
Dewey Martin and Medicine Ball
Dexys Midnight Runners
Diamond Head
Dick Wagner and the Soul`s Journey Band
Dickey Betts and Great Southern
Dickey Betts Band
Die Warzau
Diga Rhythm Band
Dillard and Clark
Dim Stars
Dion and the Belmonts
Dion and The Little Kings
Dire Straits
Dirty Blues Band
Dirty Vegas
Disney Band
Distant Thunder
Dixie Dregs
Dixie Grit
Dixie Steel
DJ Spooky
Doc & Merle Watson
Doc and Richard Watson
Doc Kupka`s Stokeland Superband
Doc Paulin`s Brass Band
Doc Thomas Group
Doc Watson & Family
Doc West
Doctor Butcher
Doctor Dolphin
Dog Days
Dog Soldier
Doll Congress
Dolphin Street
Don Lewis Band
Don Rigsby & Midnight Call
Donnie & The Donnells
Donnie Iris and The Cruisers
Donovan's Brain
Don`t Panic
Dorian Gray
Dorothy Norwood Singers
Double Image
Double Trouble
Doug Brown & The Omens
Doug James All Stars
Doug McClain Band
Dougie McClain Band
Doves of Fire
Down Home Blues Band
Downtown Tangiers Band
Doyle Lawson & Foxfire
Dr. Faustus
Dr. John & The Lower 911
Dr. Strangely Strange
Dr. Wish
Dr. Zoom & The Sonic Boom
Dragon`s Playground
Drawing Down The Moon
Dream 6
Dream Evil
Dream Syndicate
Drivin` Dynamics
Ducks Deluxe
Duke Pearson Big Band
Duke Robillard & The Pleasure Kings
Duke Robillard Band
Dum Fux
Dumb Blondes
Durutti Column
Dust Cloud
Dusty Hill
Dylan McDonald and The Avians
Dynaflow Blues
Jack DeJohnette`s Directions
Other Individual Artists found:
D' Rivera, Paquito
D'Agostino, Peppino
d'Albuquerque, Michael
d'Arby, Terence
Da Costa, Paulinho
Da Fonseca, Duduka
Daashuur, Aja
Dacus, Donnie
Dada, Sonia
Dagnesi, Jimmy
Dahme, Kimberley
Dailey, Albert
Dailey, Jamie
Daisley, Bob
Dal Bello, Lisa
Daley, Joseph
Dall, Bobby
Dallin, Sarah
Dalton, John
Dalton, Kathy
Dalton, Lacy
Daltrey, Roger
Dane, Taylor
Danelli, Dino
Daniel, Jeffrey
Daniels, Charlie
Danielsson, Palle
Danielsson, Palle
Danko, Harold
Danko, Rick
Darby, Alan
Dare, Edwin
Darin, Bobby
Darling, Erik
Darrett, Montrell
Darrow, Chris
Darrow, John
Dash, Sarah
Daubert, Marc
Daugherty, Jay Dee
Daugherty, Pat
Daunt, Seton
Daveau, Tom
Davenport, Billy
Davenport, Jay
David, Benoit
David, Kal
Davidge, Graham
Davidson, Jo
Davies, Bryn
Davies, Daniel
Davies, Gail
Davies, Rick
Davis, Anthony
Davis, Art
Davis, Billy
Davis, Buddy
Davis, Clifford
Davis, Delissa
Davis, George
Davis, Jeff
Davis, Jem
Davis, Jody
Davis, John Graham
Davis, Jonathan
Davis, Kenny
Davis, Lloyd
Davis, Mac
Davis, Martha
Davis, Miles
Davis, Ray
Davis, Richard
Davis, Ronnie
Davis, Spencer
Davis, Steve
Davis, Tim
Davis, Tyrone
Davis Jr., Link
Dawson, Clarence
Dawson, Colin
Dawson, David
Dawson, John
Dawson, Julian
Dawson, Lou
Dawson, Ronnie
Dawson, Steve
Day, Morris
Day, Paul
Day, Wyatt
de los Reyes, Daniel
de Marcos Gonzalez, Juan
De Margary, Chris
de Oliveira, Laudir
Deacon, John
Deakin, Paul
Dean, Elton
Dean, Jay
Dean, Paul
Dean, Roger
Dean, Wayburn
Deaton, Ray
DeBarge, Bunny
DeBarge, Eldra
DeBarge, James
DeBarge, Mark
DeBarge, Randy
DeCarlo, Tommy
Decker, Bruce
Dee, Johnny
Dee, Kiki
Dee, Mikkey
Dees, Stephen
DeFranco, Buddy
DeGarmo, Chris
DeGrasso, Jimmy
Deitch, Adam
DeLella, Jimmy
DeLeo, Dean
DeLeo, Robert
Dell, Dean
Delong, Allan
Delp, Brad
Delson, Brad
DeLuca, Rob
DeMarinis, Anne
DeMartini, Warren
DeMasure, Geoffroy
DeMicco, Mike
Demick, Rod
Demmel, Phil
Dempsey, Michael
Deniz, Claire
Denner, Michael
Denny, David
Denny, Sandy
Densmore, John
Denson, Jeff
Denson, Karl
Dent, Cedric
Dentley, Khristian
DeOliveira, Laudir
DeRosier, Michael
Desbrow, Audie
Deschamps, Kim
DeShannon, Jackie
Destri, Jimmy
Detroit, Marcella
Dette, Jon
Deville, CC
Deville, Willie
DeVille, Willy
Devin, Michael
DeVoe, Ronnie
Dharma, Buck
Di Bartolo, Joel
Di'Anno, Paul
Diabate, Toumani
Diamond, Jim
Diamond, King
Dias, Allan
Dias, Daniel
Dias, Denny
Diawara, Djeli Moussa
Diaz, Anga
Diaz, Jesus
Diaz, Miguel ``Anga``
Dickerson, Lance
Dickey, David
Dickinson, Luther
Diddley, Bo
DiDuro, Timothy
Digance, Richard
Diggs, Benny
DiGiallonardo, Rick
Dilcher, Cheryl
Dillon, Eric
Dillon, Jerome
Dillon, Paul
DiMeo, Mike
DiMeola, Al
Dinning, Dean
Dinwiddie, Gene
Dio, Ronnie James
Dirnt, Mike
Disgracias, Trulio
Disley, Terry
DiStefano, Peter
Ditcham, Martin
Dixon, Jerry
Dixon, Nat
Dixon, Willie
Dobkin, Gene
Dobrow, Bill
Dobrydnio, Ed
Dobson, Daryll
Doherty, Denny
Doherty, Kevin
Dokken, Don
Dolan, Terry
Dolan, Tony (Demolition Man)
Dolin, Bob
Dominici, Charlie
Domino, Floyd
Donahue, Jerry
Donald, Howard
Donald, Tony
Donato, David
Donockley, Troy
Donohue, Jerry
Donovan, Bazil
Dooley, Joe
Doroschuk, Colin
Doroschuk, Ivan
Doroschuk, Stefan
Dorset, Ray
Dorsey, Kevin
Dorsey, Tommy
Dorsey, Tony
Doucette, Paul
Douget, Derek
Dougherty, Jimmy
Doughty, Neal
Douglas, Dave
Douglas, Mike
Douglas, Nick
Douglas-McRae, Jenny
Douglass, Greg
Dove, Myron
Dover, Connie
Dover, Eric
Dowell, Kent
Dowle, Dave
Downe, Ryan
Downes, Julia
Downey, Rick
Downing, K.K.
Dransfield, Barry
Drayton, Charley
Drayton, Leslie
Drennan, Anthony
Dresden, Martin
Drewery, Corrine
Driscoll, Gary
Driscoll, Jamie
Driscoll, Ken
Droubay, Marc
Drover, Glen
Drover, Shawn
Drummie, Richard
Drummond, Billy
Drummond, Burleigh
Drummond, Ray
Drury, Timothy
Dryden, Spencer
DuBrow, Kevin
Duce, Adam
Duda, Mike
Dudanski, Richard
Dufay, Rick
Duff, Jeff
Duffey, John
Duffin, Graeme
Duffy, Billy
Duffy, Eddie
Duffy, Uriah
DuFresne, Mark
Duggan, Noel
Duggan, Pat
Duke, Rashid
Dumee, Jan
Dumont, Tom
Dunaway, Barry
Dunaway, Dennis
Dunbar, Aynsley
Dunbar, Nic
Duncan, Danny
Duncan, James
Dunlap, Gene
Dunlap, Slim
Dunmall, Paul
Dunn, Donald ``Duck``
Dunn, Jeff (Mantas)
Dunn, Keith
Dunn, Larry
Dunn, Ronnie
Dunne, Joe
Dunnery, Francis
Dupke, Mike
Dupree, Champion
Dupree, Cornell
Duran, Richard
Duran, Vince
Durham, Nigel
Duritz, Adam
Durkett, Paul
Dutton, Caroline
DuVall, William
Duvivier, George
Dyble, Judy
Dyck, Ralph
Dyer, Ada
Dylan, Jakob
Dziony, Wolfgang
D`Andrea, Alessia
D`Andrea, Alessia
d`Andrea, Richard
D`Angelo, Greg
D`Angelo, Sharlee
d`Rivera, Paquito
d`Rivera, Paquito

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