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Below you will find other bands and artists that may be on their way to becoming or have worked with a Living Legend. Click on the names below to see a discography of their work.

Other Bands found:
Shadow King
Other Individual Artists found:
Allen, Joey
Asher, Max
Borg, Bobby
Fasano, Mike
Foxx, Vikki
Gillis, Brad
Hannon, Frank
Keith, Jeff
Kelli, Kerri
Kendall, Mark
Lane, Jani
Lewis, Josh
Luccketta, Troy
Morris, Billy
Rude, Dave
Russell, Jack
Shore, Adam
Skeoch, Tommy
St. James, Jaime
Steier, Rick
Sweet, Steven
Turner, Erik
Wagner, Danny
Warren, Scott
Wheat, Brian
White, David
Zavodney, Shawn

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