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Cutting Crew

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Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Nick Van Eede (Nicholas Van Eede, June 14, 1958, East Grinstead, West Sussex, England), Cutting Crew was formed when he began working with Canadian guitarist Kevin Scott MacMichael (b. November 7, 1951, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, d. December 31, 2002, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). The duo came together when MacMichael's group, Fast Forward, was supporting Eede's unit, The Drivers, on a Canadian tour.

The two subsequently recorded some demos in Toronto and during 1986 added Colin Farley (b. February 24, 1959, England; bass) and Martin Beedle (b. September 18, 1961, Hull, North Humberside, England; drums) to form Cutting Crew. The title of their debut single "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" was a phrase Van Eede coined after making love to his girlfriend. This memorable song reached number four in the UK but surpassed expectations by climbing to Number One in the USA in the spring of 1987. A further US Top 40 hit followed with the frantic "One for the Mockingbird", backed with the anti-cocaine "Mirror and a Blade". The plaintive "I've Been In Love Before' returned them to the US Top Ten later that year, yet the single struggled to reach the UK Top 30 the following year after its third chart entry.

Cutting Crew never regained their commercial impetus, and disbanded following the release of a third album, 1992's Compus Mentus, which was recorded by the core duo of Van Eede and MacMichael. The latter, who went on to write and perform with Robert Plant, succumbed to lung cancer in December 2002.

The band was reformed in 2006 by Nick Van Eede with a completely new line-up. They have released one album, Grinning Souls, in February 2006 on the Hypertension record label. The new band toured Germany early the same year, and are currently planning tours in the UK and Denmark. Colin Farley, the bass player in the 1980s line up, currently lives in Surrey and continues to work in the music industry playing with his new band in pubs.

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